Dahlquist DQ-10 Vintage Speakers (Updated and Mirror Imaged) - $250

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This speaker is my most regrettable sale 16 years ago.  Many don't realize this speaker was an open baffle forerunner and together with my McIntosh 240 and AR turntable with the Shure V15 type II was so analogue that I've never come close to reproducing even with an impressive array of more modern equipment.  Nat King Cole was "in the room", just a few feet away. :duh:


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 :o  Those are a STEAL!!

Phil A

Always wanted a pair.  Never had the room for them.  Not that I do at the moment but it's a good thing those aren't local to me.


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LUCKYGUY I know how you feel. The DQ-10 is what got me into this hobby about 36 years ago. I went through 3 pair of speakers before I ended up with speakers I am happier with than the DQ-10. But I still wish I had them.


I know a guy locally who has a pair that are cosmetically very good, just sitting around, never been "restored". Might need a mid, not sure. He really doesn't know what to do with them, just taking up space.