Need help with enclosure for sealed box single driver design

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This is my first box build.
I guess my basic question is given the information posted below, will the PartsExpress .283 ft³ net internal volume cabinet work.
I don't really know what I don't know, so feel free to provide any other information that I should be thinking about.
I'm going to handle baffle step correction with either a mini-dsp/room correction unit or I may build an analog circuit myself.
I'm not too worried about the electronics yet, just the box.
Finally, I don't have a means to cut precise, beautiful holes for the speakers in the front baffle.  I would like to farm that work out to somebody.
I'm not completely sure I want to go ahead with this, but I never seem to find a 2-way ported speaker that I'm completely happy with.

I'm interested in a building a sealed box single driver design using the Tang Band w5-2143.
Specs for Tang Band w5-2143 are at this link:

I input the values into sealed box calculator at this link

The result is below:
Vas = 19 lts
fs = 55 Hz
Qts = 0.38
Qtc = 0.707
Vb = 0.27 ft3  =  7.72 lts
    = L x W x H
    f3 = 102.34 Hz
    fb = 102.33 Hz

Vb: Speaker Box Internal Volume
f3: 3dB Cutoff Frequency
fb: Enclosure Resonant Frequency

The parts express boxes at this link appear as though they should work.
box specs:

The specs on these boxes state internal volume of
.283 ft³ net internal volume
And the box calculator called for .27 ft³

So this appears good to me.

However, I know the speaker itself uses up some of the internal volume and I don't know if that will affect the above.

Somewhere on the internet I saw it suggested to stuff the box with PolyFil from Walmart.

I'm thinking I will call PartsExpress to confirm the speaker will fit the box.
Parts express does have a larger box with .392 ft³ net internal volume.


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Looks like a very nice recipe, am a fan of TB drivers and PE cabinets.  Like the curved side wall design and use of DSP for baffle step and zobel filters.  I wouldn't worry about the slight difference in internal volume, if it brothers you just glue in a piece of scrap.  I would suggest lining the back wall and front of the internal brace with No-Res or something similar as back-waves can reflect back out through the cone material and cause smearing.  Check to see if you can buy additional front baffle plates in case of a miss-cut (used to be able to).

Have fun and be sure to report back with the results.   :)


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Vb is internal raw volume (without the driver) for bass refles box, for sealed box its Vs.
Low mass cones usually are suited to ducted boxes, long VC suited to sealed, short VC suited to bass reflex, Qts > 0.3 suited to sealed box.

Note the litrage for an driver is a range value not an fixed value, you should email TangBang asking the litrage range for this driver and use the max volume allowable, ask if they rec BR or sealed.


JeffB, the W5-2143 is a great little driver.  I built up a set of sealed boxes for mine around 1.5 years ago, and having been playing with them since.  I do augment with woofers, but enjoy what these can do in a small sealed box.

The manufacturer recommends a 0.2 cubic foot sealed box.  That is what I built up.  They play down to roughly 100-110Hz in that size box.  I would think that increasing box size would mildly increase how low they would play, with a potential decrease in power handling.

Assuming you intend to run them with sane watts per channel, it should be totally fine.

Pics of some of my build:

I used 18mm baltic birch for the enclosure walls, and some 1/2 mdf for bracing.  Stuffed lightly with polyfill.  I also borrowed Planet_10's idea to brace the rear of the driver against the mounting face - ie there is a brace that holds the rear of the driver right at the depth required to bolt in the driver.


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Wow, nice looking build mcgsxr.
What are you using below them.
I do intend to supplement with some kind of bass, but I'm undecided about what that will be at the moment.


The things below the TB enclosures are ported enclosures using Creative Sound Solution 7 inch woofers in 0.75 cubic foot boxes tuned around 29Hz.  I built the setup as modular, since I always end up changing stuff anyway!

I use a pro Xover to split the signal at about 250Hz.  It does require multiple stereo amps, but for some reason I usually have those around.

Lots of info out on the net about folks combining a wide band driver with a woofer.  It was worth the effort, I have enjoyed these so far.  It is all built well, but not finished well.  I don't veneer, and I usually just use truck bed liner!

Frankly I am not sure that it would not sound just as good to use small sealed enclosures for the TB's and run a sub.  But this way I also ended up with speaker stands.