Quick Product Poll! Tube Buffer with Volume Control?

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Re: Quick Product Poll! Tube Buffer with Volume Control?
« Reply #20 on: 5 Aug 2018, 05:19 pm »
Hi Guys, first of all, any buffer we do will be more expensive and higher performance than a Yaquin unit. I can't compete with Chinese mfg. cost and I won't even try. Not that there is anything wrong with these units, but I am aiming for something to perform at a higher level and will be priced at a higher level.

As to the WFS STP-SE: I am not sure that I would use a digital display. Several reasons for this, but first of all, I would rather not use a digitally controlled attennuator for this. It does appear to be a very well designed and thought out device.

I would prefer to use transformer coupling for balanced output, simply because there are numerous benefits sonicly do doing so.  There is also cost however, for good quality transformers.

I will have to determine how far this design will be taken. There is a broad range between the Yaquin simple tube buffer and WFS full passive/active preamp design.

I will take all of this feedback in mind.  I expect there will be a couple of models, at different price/option levels.