Selling Off Salk Silks and SC Songtowers due to Move – What Next?

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I am selling off most of my equipment, as we are selling our house.  This includes my SC Songtower HT set (including SC Songtowers, SC Center, and matching wall mount Song Surrounds), as well as my Silk Monitors in sapele pommele.  All of these speakers are listed for sale on the Audio Circle Trading Post. 

I will be retiring in a year or so and would like to purchase speakers that could be my last speakers (my wife would like to hear that – but I know that may be optimistic).  I like Jazz, smooth Jazz, some Country, older R&B, big band, older rock and pop, etc.  I don’t listen to Rap or much classical. 

My thoughts range from Song 3s, to Soundscape 8s, to Exoticas in the Salk world.  I really like the sound of my Silks - even the bass is fine in my office.  I guess I would lean towards Soundscape 8s, as they are full range, have a RAAL tweeter, and would have improved mids with the Accuton. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. 




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What sonic attributes do you like from your Salks?  Are you committed to Salk?  Why not move the speakers (especially the smaller Silks)?  What's your budget?  Audio and/or HT use?  Do you know what dimensions the new room will be (if not wait to buy)?  Do you value custom veneer (a big Salk advantage)?  Would the new room be shared or a dedicated man-cave? 

Currently I'm a fan of active speakers (built in power amps, one per driver) for the improved dynamics, flat frequency response, and deep/full bass; and a fan of monitor/multiple sub systems (read Floyd Toole's "Sound Reproduction" and Duke LeJeune's Audio Kinesis circle to learn how bass propagates in-room and "swarm" bass systems).  Unless you're a die hard fan of tubes or a particular amp brand, active design makes all kinds of good sense. 



Thanks for your thoughts. 

I do like the Silks quite a bit.  They have enough bass for a small room (my office) without a sub.  They also have detailed mids and highs (plus they are smooth).  They made me not listen to my SC Songtowers much since I got them.  A speaker with the clarity of the Silk in a full range model would fit what I am looking for.   

I could keep them.  I just figured it could be a good time to start over.  I would like to sell the SC Songtower set, as it would be easier not to have to deal with all of them in a move. 

I had been a classic Infinity fan before the salks - with kappa 8s my favorite of the ones I have owned.  They were very dynamic, had pretty deep bass, amazing clear mids, and strong highs.  They were just too finicky as to placement, amps, preamps, etc for their own good.  Plus they had problems with deterioration of the mid bass and mids.  There are a lot of better quality old Infinitys out there.  I just don't think I want to deal with the same or worse problems I had before. 

I expect the new room for my system will be separate - but I can't guarantee it.  My wife loves the cabinetry of my salks - so any pair of salks would be welcomed by her. 

I can wait until after we move.  I just take a long time in making speaker decisions.  I figured I should at least get started on the search.  It is not like it used to be when I bought my Infinity Kappa 8s in 1988.  There aren't many stores to go listen to speakers anymore. 


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Why not Silk Towers?


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Have you thought of asking Jim to take the Silks and add the E3 subwoofers to create an entirely new speaker (Silk3)?

You'd still have the Silk sound but now they would play down to 20Hz.

Just a thought.