Square hole

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Square hole
« on: 3 Apr 2017, 12:15 am »
I have gotten the art of round holes for speaker drivers down.

Unfortunately my current project includes an B&G Neo 8.

It is open baffle and I am using 1" thick Oak baffle material. My first try was with a "saw guide" & a router (zip tool in this case) using a 1/2" diameter straight bit. I was first going to do the counter sink so the  Neo-8 sits more or less flush about a 1/4" deep cut. On one of the short ends the router went a little too far on the other short end I guess I tried to go "against the grain" and the tool chattered and tore out the side of my cut.

Since this piece of wood is more or less ruined I tried to use a hand held jig saw and the "saw guide" to cut all the way through for the part that needed to be cut through. I kept the edge of the saw tight to the saw guide but the blade took a different path, that wasn't straight.

I have given up for the evening, but I thought I would see if anyone had some advice.

I suppose I could try to cobble together a jig of some sort.


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Re: Square hole
« Reply #1 on: 4 Apr 2017, 11:09 pm »
Jeez, I thought some of our ace woodworkers would have chimed in by now.


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Re: Square hole
« Reply #2 on: 4 Apr 2017, 11:10 pm »
Well in case anyone want's to know what I did;

I bought a bushing set for my router (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Milescraft-Baseplate-Bushing-Set/1208301). I cut a jig out of half inch material using my table saw to get straight cuts. I clamped it to my 1" Oak and using many passes routed my hole.

Hopefully I will be able to duplicate it on the second baffle.


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Re: Square hole
« Reply #3 on: 5 Apr 2017, 01:29 am »
Hi, Aceinc.

Try posting your question in the GR Research circle. Both mlundy and Captainhemo (very cool people btw!) may have suggestions for you.



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Re: Square hole
« Reply #4 on: 5 Apr 2017, 01:40 am »
Thanks, Michael. I have a couple threads currently over there. I have spoken to both people about other things. I posted here because I was trying to post stuff where it belongs.

I am currently building a pair of OB W frame woofer cabinets, and this is part of an OB midbass/tweeter thing I'm throwing together to sit on top.



Re: Square hole
« Reply #5 on: 5 Apr 2017, 08:48 am »
FWIW I just use a right angle piece of material and a pattern following bit. However in future I think I'll make a full rectangle for each size cutout as moving/clamping a single right angle is tedious.

The set you got means you can use regular bits.


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Re: Square hole
« Reply #6 on: 7 Apr 2017, 01:03 am »
Why do it easy if you can do it much more complicated!!!

If you like it give this a try:

A) Do as you did your thing to flush mount then drill each corner a hole (8 / 10 mm). If you use the saw hold it tight but do not force anything to go strait, take a point of reference on the machine to cut on the line strait as good as - cut in between the holes - clean it up the cuts & edges, corners - perfect!

B) Make a plywood router plate which easy could fit into the flush mount area - rout & what is left is just very small rounded corners which you can clean up with a file or else - and once again - perfect!

I found over the years that people do always over think everything far to complicate were as it is nothing to it to do these things & especially you do not have too at every moment buy something new.

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