Does Fidelizer/other software make a difference when using the microRendu?

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I keep seeing people who say they use software to improve the sound of their PC when using microRendu?  I thought one of the purposes of using the microRendu was to take the PC out of the sound equation.  Will using a slimmed down operating system make any difference?


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You have to take what people say with a bit of with skepticism. I most have the worst system of all since I have my content on a NAS with it and microRendu connected to a simple router. We have seen some crazy setups since we started this project and that is to be expected. However, based on direct customer feedback the majority of people are just enjoying their units with minimal fuss. The biggest upgrade in my opinion is the power supply.   


My personal experience is that the server doesn't make any diference when using the mR, barring some sort of issue like an underpowered server. But in narrow SQ terms, I don't think it matters.
And if it does, it is probably the last thing you should prioritize; other things in your system will make a bigger difference, like the PS of the mR.