Going back to film

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Re: Going back to film
« Reply #20 on: 13 Nov 2017, 10:59 pm »

In future, I do hope smaller mirrorless medium format digital cameras like Fuji GFX 50S and Hassy X1D-50C gain traction and come down in price enough, but in all honesty, the improvement in IQ per dollar over today's top-notch full frame cameras seems rather small..



I agree with you completely. When I compare the captures from our medium format Phase One P65+ (65mp) back with state of the art Schneider and Rodenstock digital view camera lenses and the new Canon EOS 5 Ds-r (almost 51mp) with single focal length Zeiss lenses there is remarkably little to differentiate them. Especially once the image goes to print. Yes, the larger sensor captures a larger range of f-stops and it is capable of even sharper images than the Canon (if you can manage to actually focus it PERFECTLY - easier said than done) but in real world budget driven scenarios, it is hard to justify the high prices of medium format cameras.


Re: Going back to film
« Reply #21 on: 14 Nov 2017, 02:36 pm »
Yep, I'm back on the D750 path.  I am hoping for a big sale around the holidays.  There is no value equation for the micro 4/3rds mirrorless situation when I could get the d750 OTHER than size. 
And if that's the case, I pretty much need 2 systems: Big and small.  Maybe a Canon G9x.  Something with a non-removable 3x or so zoom.. a Zeiss lens is very appealing to me.  But the price creeps up to $1,k+ quickly.. essentially killing the whole idea of getting a nice little compact.. that's getting into real money for real gear. (like the D750)

I have a Coolpix A which is pretty nice but has a fixed lens.  I have learned I like a 50-85mm sort of reach to get the shots I like.  That is where I shoot 60-70% of the time.. and I really enjoy shooting portraits.  I got the wrong camera... again.

But now that I have a good idea of what I want and what is available... I can rest my mind knowing what I'm going to do.  And since I've come to the reality of how much time I (don't) have, I can also wait to pull the trigger on buying or selling. :)



Re: Going back to film
« Reply #22 on: 27 Dec 2017, 01:00 am »
Merry Christmas to me! My sweet wife has bought me the D750. :)
I'm using a g series 50, a d series 20 and 85, and loving it.
Still tweaking my settings but what a relief to have a real camera again.

In other good news, I've found a local group with a darkroom! The Durham Arts Council has a real darkroom so I plan to start processing film there next month. :)

Here's a quick snap with the 20. (Cropped)