My Speakers On Herbie's Or How I Injected Steroids Into My Stereo

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I recently acquired a pair of PMC EB1i's from a gentleman in Toronto, Canada and have been extremely pleased with their overall sound.  I came to the desire and want of PMC product in the way many of us audiophiles do, by reading reviews (press) and opinions (forums).  Plus I wanted to try a speaker made by a company that makes very good studio monitors.  PMC is one of those, I had also looked very seriously at ATC.

Highly accurate yet not strident or strained in the treble.  Midrange is full and rich without any added colorations, just natural.  Vocals, especially female, are rendered with a very real texture and fullness without being forward in the overall presentation.  Again very natural and relaxed.

Bass was, and I stress was, messy.  Delineation between instruments was not as clean as I was used to with my Genesis 501's.  The foundation just wasn't capable of supporting the rest of the audio spectrum..  I knew why.  They were just sitting on furniture sliders, you know the cheap kind you get at Home Depot that are great for putting the sofa on and sliding around on linoleum.  The problem is I can't spike.  You see I put down a product called Marmoleum by Forbo and it's not cheap, roughly $35 per square yard.

I have a pair of marble slabs I bought at a local custom stone and tile shop.  They cut the pieces I found that came from a single sheet.  Polished the edges and they look great.  So consulted Steve on how to best implement the marble slabs as bases for the PMC's and he suggested placing the slabs on his Giant Fat Sliders then place the PMC on Giant Fat Dots on the marble.  I bought the Sliders and already had the GFDs and followed his suggestions and the result was just wonderful.  Bass is now much more coherent and deep bass instruments like double bass and tympanis are really focused, have proper tone depth, and tight.  One side benefit is mid and upper bass became fuller and richer with better focus.

All I want to do is listen to music as much as possible.

Many thanks to Steve for great products!


Interesting - I've got heavy granite slabs on thick carpet, with speakers on Ascendo C8 Specials.

Sliders under the slabs might improve things - always thought they would be too heavy for such (granite is 34kg, speakers 27kg, each)??


Yeah, I thought so too but Steve said no problem.

Quote from the website:
"Appropriate for loudspeakers and cabinets of virtually any weight on any bare or carpeted floor."

About a third of the way down the page: