Descriptions of different balls when used with Iso-Cups

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Hi Steve,

I'd like some understanding of the relative strengths/weakness of the various ball types when used with Iso-Cups, if possible. Also, an understanding of the sonic differences between the two types of Iso-Cups would be helpful.

I really like the black Iso-Cups with Lampblack balls under quite a few of my components - seems to have some significant benefits with few downsides under my DAC or amp (both run tubes). I'd like to choose the ideal combination of Iso-Cups and balls - or at least have starting point - for the rest of the system.

I have recently tried Mad Scientist's BlackPod TC under various components, but my gut feel is they tighten the sound and emphasise the upper-mids. Putting Grungebuster dots under the pods makes the sound narrow and distant - this is consistent under a range of components. Replacing the BlackPods wit Tenderfeet under the Antipodes DX narrows and deepens the soundstage, calms the presentation, and makes for anatural vocal range while perhaps dulling the lower frequencies - I did not expect such a difference!

Anyhow, I suspect the right combination of Iso-Cups and balls will be the ideal solution... I just need some idea where to start.