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Hi there, I was going to post this under the "Introductions" thread but was warned that noone has looked at that for more than 30 days, so I figured that it might be better to post under general topics. Mr moderater please move this if in wrong place.

My name is Ian, but you might remember me as OZZIOZZI lurker and poster on various forums such as Audiocircle (all circles, but mainly Apple, OB, etc), DiyAudio and Audiokarma. (Apologies to Kent Brockman and the Simpsons) To show how dumb I am I have just noticed that there is an Australian Circle. Its the old case of not seeing the trees because you have favourite trees that you concentrate on!!!

Long story short, I am a retired Commonwealth Employee now living in NW suburbs of Brisbane. My experience in audio varies from building and operating PA systems, recording and editing audio and video programs and for the last twenty years of my employment as a scientist in laboratories.

I live in the NW suburbs of Brisbane since 2016 where I spend a small amount of my time tinkering with audio gear, building speaker systems, downloading music files on an Apple iMac system. The rest of my time I spend babysitting grandchildren, mowing lawns and home maintenance :?

I would be interested in hooking up with other audiophools (spelling?) in my area to exchange ideas. I am trying to avoid travelling long distances and Saturdays are usually busy for me. Pleae PM me if you are interested in chatting over a coffee or other beverage anywhere from Albany Creek to Brisbane.

Current system is in state of flux, but collection includes:

IMac music server with ripped CDs, downloaded hi-res files (Previously used MacMini until I "upgraded" it so it no longer works.
TDK over ear and brandX in-ear headphones
BOSE VideoMate powered nearfield speakers
NXT type panel speakers
Various subwoofers (rarely used because of other people in house)
External USB, SPDIF and TOSLINK DAC used with computer
External RAID drive for music
Many speaker drivers and collection of ply and wood for planned projects and woodwork shed for building these.
Apple TV and Bluetooth boxes for distributing music around
Lots of "resource materials" aka junk.

Phil A

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Welcome to AC!


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I think you will be spending a lot of time here  8)