I'm Confused - REW & Bad Mid-Range Driver in Strata Mini

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So I've had a pair of ebony Strata Minis for several years.  Decided to add an HTD Level III ebony center recently.  In the process of hooking that up I realized I cannot hear any output from the midrange driver on my right Mini ... ugh.

So I started researching the forums and came across some post about bad tweeters and midranges in the Minis.  At this point I'm worried about my tweeters too.  Decide to order a miniDSP UMIK-1 mic & run REW for the first time ever.  The mic came in today & I fumbled through the process.  I was expecting at a minimum a major dip between 650Hz & 4kHz, but I get the attached graph which doesn't look bad to my (untrained) eye at all.  The purple line is the right (bad) speaker and left is green.  What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: I'm Confused - REW & Bad Mid-Range Driver in Strata Mini
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That is pretty tough to read. Please change your scaling so that there is less than 40db from the top of the scale to the bottom of the scale.