45 Luv

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Re: 45 Luv
« Reply #80 on: 3 Aug 2017, 07:57 am »
Really nice looking pre Dwight. Your systems looks more than just a little bit special. I'm feeling a little envious right now... but encouraged to take my next leap of faith.

I wish we had some folks doing that kind of stuff near me. Would just love to spend an hour or so listening to some nice tunes over such a system. No tyre-kicking, critical assessment, or tech talk; just listening and enjoying.

Nice work Dwight.



Re: 45 Luv
« Reply #81 on: 18 Sep 2017, 12:23 am »
Docere - Thanks for the positive feedback  :thumb: You are welcome @ my place ( aka central Oregon )

Accuton meets 45  :green:

Found the Artos Moomglow on audiogon a couple weeks ago.   2 watts appears enough to drive these gracious speakers from Germany.  1st encounter with the Accuton driver. 



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Re: 45 Luv
« Reply #82 on: 22 Oct 2017, 05:34 pm »
Da preamp has arrived..  SET meets DHT   :green:

Great photo.