Integrating a sub with Song Towers @ 80hz crossover Via HPF/ Line out

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Has anyone with Salk ST's or other Salks tried integrating their mains with a sub via the Line out/ HPF's?  Any impressions or comments on the SQ?

ie all RCA connections:  Pre amp- Sub- power amp (think I got that right)

from what Brian at Rythmik told me, this filters the input to power amp and mains at 80hz .

I have one 12" Rythmik A370 sub and do not forsee getting another.



Cambridge CXN Source/ DAC
Rogue 99 per amp
Rogue Stereo 100 power amp
Standard ST's and Rythmik sub.


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answering my own question here!.. just tried this set up and early days, sure am liking what I'm hearing..