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Acoustics & Audiogeekery
« on: 10 Feb 2017, 06:41 pm »
I wanted to let AudioCircle readers know about Acoustics & Audiogeekery, brought to you by GIK Acoustics. I welcome suggestions and questions about topics you'd like to see explored.

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An excerpt:

The Quest: Make Better Audio

While it’s easy for acoustics professionals to separate our markets into pro audio and audiophile/home theater communities, I think of both markets in terms of simply making better audio. As any audiophile knows, audio reproduction is itself a creative act. The audiophile gets to express their sonic personality via equipment choices, the characteristics of their listening room, and their acoustic treatment strategies. It’s easy to see how a recordist, producer, or engineer is engaged in making better audio, but when an audiophile treats their room, or upgrades the speakers in their system, they too are engaged in making better audio.

And that’s what Acoustics & Audiogeekery is all about. Explorations, explanations, experimentations, and analysis of ways to make better audio. It’s no accident that this blog is hosted by a premiere acoustic treatment company, since acoustic treatment is such an important step in the quest. If you have a question or an audio puzzle you’d like to explore with me, please contact me at and let me know about it!

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride! Be sure to subscribe to our feed to see all the posts.