Rythmik 12" subwoofer in curly cherry with deep rose-red dye - SOLD

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A customer hit hard times just about the time we finished this subwoofer.  In fact, he emailed to cancel his order on the day the subwoofer was finished.  For that reason, it is now available.

This is a 12" sealed Rythmik subwoofer with the XLR3 amp upgrade.  Here are some pictures...

Here is a picture with the grill...

This sub is available for immediate delivery for $1295 plus $30 for the XLR3 upgrade - total $1325.

- Jim

PS: We recently also had a customer want to upgrade his order after we had already built a pair of custom bamboo cabinets for Rythmik 12" subs.  These have not gone through the finishing process yet, but are available at this point.
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Is this still available?  I have an order in for the 12" Rythmic in smokey grey silver on curley maple that has not begun production yet.  I'd be up for taking this one and canceling my order on the other if that is ok.


Sorry, I got to stick with the one I have on order.  This one sure looks nice though!