Dramatically decreasing value of compression

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Dramatically decreasing value of compression
« on: 16 Dec 2016, 01:48 pm »
Someone posted this article on Facebook:

As storage becomes less expensive and bandwidth increases, the value of compression decreases dramatically.  Lossless has become the new standard for "ripping".  In a few years, iTunes will offer lossless 44.1k/16-bit (CD format), then high res, which beats "CD quality". TIDAL will need to go to high res (96k/24-bit, for example), and Pandora will transmit CD Quality.  Also, the article mentions MP3 rates down to 32kbps! Internet radio (free) goes up to 256kbps, maybe higher.  At 320kbps, I doubt even 1% of audiophiles (self proclaimed) can reliably tell the difference from CDs in double blind testing.