PI Audio Uberbuss

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PI Audio Uberbuss
« on: 20 Jul 2016, 12:35 am »
Just a short overview:
I live in downtown Seattle, a very high RF area.
I've used a number of power conditioners over the years; most were passive. Relatively inexpensive models such as PS Audio Quintet and Duet offered benefits with little downside at reasonable cost. I used a PS Audio power plant premier for several years to good effect, although it really is a good match only for low current devices. I augmented it with a Pi Audio RevB on the amps. This was very quiet and effective, I thought, but a bit cumbersome. I came upon the audio magic Eclipse, and that was a step up sonically and convenience-wise, so it replaced both of the above, and provided the deepest, widest soundstage I'd had. At the original price of $3800 it was not exactly "cheap and cheerful", though.
Lately I've been finishing up another round of upgrades to both my main systems, and came into a nice Uberbuss in a trade. Now that I've been listening for a few days, I'm in awe. The soundstage is magnificent (deeeep and wiiiide), and the lack of any grain and grit is a revelation. I heartily recommend this device. It is my opinion this thing is the bargain of the breed.
Equipment (office system- main home for this device):
NAS->audio PC->Musical Fidelity V-link 192->Yulong DA8 dac-> modded N-core NC-400->LaHave Mela 2 ways, Hypex sub amp-> TBI Magellan VIII sub, Wireworld Gold starlight 7 AES/EBU, ZenWave D3 balanced analog ICs, Zenwave SL 11 ga. speaker cables


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Re: PI Audio Uberbuss
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jul 2016, 12:41 am »
Glad it works well in your setup. 

Love my UberBUSS and DigiBUSS in the setup.   :D