3 weeks with AudioQuest JitterBug

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Eisener Bart

3 weeks with AudioQuest JitterBug
« on: 11 Jun 2016, 10:25 pm »
AudioQuest JitterBug

USB Data & Power Noise Filter.

When one my fellow (dealer from Kiev) offered me to test this small device I've already red review of John Atkinson. No ground not beleiving to such Monster-Audio Obserber, but if I can get my own experience with product of one of the famost american brand - so why not? Especially if take into account that I have on hands similar device (iFi iPurifier - review is here).

I spent 2-3 weeks to burn-out all 3 received pieces. Normal procedure for me, 'cos from some level of Audio System you may hear any part which is not properly unburned. Even newly installed power plug in power cable which was already used 1 year.

System which I used for this test was not my Home System. This Setup I am calling "Marine". I use it at sea during my CoE.

- Genelec 8020B (active studio monitors) - great small pieces that never lie.
- tweaked RME Babyface (used as DAP only)
- USB cable: top model of Sound-YP (ukrainian brand)
- my new laptop PC: Acer Predator 15 G9-591, very powerfull machine.

Software Player: Bug Head Emperor, version 7.22. 

I tried to use all 3 JitterBugs in my Home System (with AMR DP-777) on various versions of Bug Head Emperor. I have to confess - I didn't find difference between 3 pcs plugged-in into 3 USB slots (4th was used for connection to AMR DP-777 using top USB Audio cable of WireWorld) and plugged-off.

I also tried to use JitterBug between external HDD and laptop. I prefer to listen music without JitterBug.

I couldn't resist and tried to connect 2 JitterBugs in sequence - 1 by 1. Revenge was imminent - dynamic was decreased drastically. :D

Then I decided to complete crazy experiments and concentrated on subject. Just simple connection between Babyface and laptop. Bingo!

Improvement of Sound in many points:

1) Vocal started to sound more natural & realistic
2) Bass .... No!  Baaaaaaaassssszzzz! Articulated and punchy. Quality and quantity raised up significantly. Yeah, take a look on size of my Speakers. :D
3) Soundstage, all sound space was refreshed, enriched, rebuilded and sent back in my brains.  :o
4) resolution was higher, similar to replacement of signal source.

Did I tell you that I finished with crazy things? Sorry, I lied.

My last movement was to use iFi iPurifier (connected between Babyface and USB Cable) and JitterBug (between USB Cable and laptop). Oops! It was just overkill. Sound became sterile and much less involved.

Few words as conclusion:

I have to recommend to use this device with entry level DAPs. It's really killer on the market by ratio "price - sound improvement". Why? Because. Only 49 USD.