AV1+ and a couple questions...

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AV1+ and a couple questions...
« on: 3 Mar 2003, 04:10 pm »
After having read alot about these speakers and a few discussions with people that own a set for HT, I'm convinced to build myself a set.  I can't wait!

I have a few questions that I'm hoping you all may be able to help me with.

First of all.. I plan to build a set of 5 speakers for HT use mainly.  The room I'm going to be using with be HUGE.. basically the HT will be on one end of a 1300 sq ft open open layout basement.  I wish I had the space to build a HT room.. but the way the house was built will not allow for it. :(  I'll be finishing my basement this spring/summer so I have some time to decide how to lay out the HT.

So.. any opinions on how these speakers will perform in a large room?  I am more than likely going to be 10ish feet from the TV so the fronts will not be a problem.  The rears I'm not sure about.  Should I put them on stands right behind the couch?  I have kids so I'd rather not have speakers on stands too far from the couch or a wall for obvious reasons.  Or.. would these speakers as rears be acceptable mounted on the wall 8-10 feet behind the couch?

Has anyone tried hanging these from the ceiling?  I have considered using the center channel layout as rears and hanging it from the ceiling.

Finally...  I'm considering a Denon 3803 Receiver for the HT.. should I be concerned using an integrated amp with the 4ohm load?  

I'd appreciate any input.. I cannot wait to get started!