New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier

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New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier
« on: 11 Nov 2016, 04:42 am »
Next month we will be releasing our new PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier.
This is something I've worked on for the last 3 years.
The first version was very good, but I got obsessed with this project and made 8 revisions before I felt I couldn't make it any better.
The design consists of complete dual mono circuitry with identical layouts for L & R channels.
Each channel is individually regulated and uses my hybrid "super regulator" circuits, which dramatically lower noise and increase dynamics.

The audio circuits use a combination of active bass equalization and passive high frequency equalization for lowest noise and distortion. There are rear panel DIP switches for easy configuration of cartridge resistive load, capacitance, MM/MC Gain, and sub-sonic filter. In addition to our machined aluminum chassis, the main PCB is housed in a heavy gauge steel faraday cage to reject RF and EMI.
Premium parts are used throughout... Vishay 2% Polypropylene capacitors, Nichicon MUSE bi-polar power supply capacitors, Takman 2% carbon &  1% metal film resistors, Cardas jacks, etc.

After doing extensive listening tests and comparisons with everything we could get our hands on, I can truly say this thing stomps the competition. Pure analog with ultra-low noise and dynamics of hi-res digital!

Cost will be $995 with standard AC adapter. We are also working on a dual mono upgrade supply (AC-15 MKII/$299) to be released early 2017.

I'll post photos and Audio Precision measurements once they come off the production line.
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Re: New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier
« Reply #1 on: 11 Dec 2016, 06:14 am »
We're now accepting pre-orders for PEQ-1 MKII dual mono phono preamplifier.
Orders placed before January 1st receive $100 off! ($895/free shipping in the continental US).
Pre-orders can be made by phone and will start shipping in January.

Channel Islands Audio
(805) 984-8282


Re: New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier
« Reply #2 on: 11 Dec 2016, 01:51 pm »
Dusty, do you have pictures of the unit?


Re: New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier
« Reply #3 on: 11 Dec 2016, 04:06 pm »
We don't have photos at this time as we're waiting on production chassis parts.
It is the same form factor as PLC-1 MKII with laser engraved graphics & text.


Re: New PEQ-1 MKII Phono Preamplifier
« Reply #4 on: 11 Dec 2016, 05:01 pm »
Photo of a production circuit board, prototype chassis, noise floor at 45 & 60dB gain, and THD measurements.
These measurements were taken with the board in open air as you see sitting on the bench... they get even better when mounted in the shielded chassis.  :D