Follow-up Review: Omega Bipole RS5 speakers on my sub 2.5K speaker search.

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This is a brief but long overdue review of a pair of Omega RS5 bipole speakers.

My first review on Audiocircle is of a single RS5 driver Super 3i Monitor which can be found here:

What I have now is a pair of large RS5 bipole monitor that has two independently sealed chambers and independent binding posts.   Therefore, this can be run in three formats:
1. Monopole (single driver)
2. Bipole
3. Dipole.

So it is very flexible. I run it as a bipole.

So how do they sound?  In short, all the strengths of the Super 3i Monitor are there but the are much better speakers in that:

1. They present a much larger and deeper soundstage along with very good focus due to the full range drivers, and still possess a wonderful wide dispersion due to the small driver.  For someone who really appreciates a large and deep soundstage, this is fantastic. In a small room, with the speakers moved out about 3 feet from the wall, they are amazing because I've had a dozen speakers in here and have trouble getting a large/deep soundstage other than a pair of Martin Logan which really were too large for my room.

2. There is significantly better bass extension - in part because I can set it on the ground tilted upwards. I took both subwoofers out so it is just the Bipole. 

3. It is a much more powerful speaker that feels more effortless. 

For me, there is simply no comparison.  A dual RS5 driver feels much more than twice the speaker of the single driver RS5.

I do feel a high degree of confidence in my evaluation because a fine gentlemen from Audiocircle purchased my Super 3i Monitor.  He loved it.  Then we got to discussing my bipole and based on my comments, he ordered a custom dual RS5.  He too raves about the dual RS5 speaker but since I have not asked for permission to name him, I'll let him comment here if he wishes. 

Louis of Omega also raves about his dual driver speakers.

Finally, if I had the budget, I would think this may be the ideal RS5 speaker:

1. Floor stander with three RS5 drivers.
2. 1.5 dual driver setup in the front face.  (one driver full range, one drive high passed from 500hz upwards)
3. 1 drive in the back for the bipole impact. 
4. Wired in parallel and driven by a SET amp capable of driving low impedances such as the Decware Zen.  This would be a very efficient speaker - probably gets close to 100db/watt. 

Anyone care to try?  Call Louis up!  :lol:
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Thanks for posting your review.  I have questions:

What's your room size and listening setup?
Ancillary gear?
Musical genre?  Listening habits?
Have you played with placement?  How close from the front wall can they be placed?


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Most of your queries can be answered by linking to my previous Omega review. Link listed in the first post.

Not sure how close to the wall - one can always just run it as a monopole and put it right up to the wall as mine has ports on the same side as the driver.   As to cost, I got mine on the secondary market but I suppose that a new one is going to be similar to any of his 1.5 RS5 set up.