Thank You, Vin Scully

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Thank You, Vin Scully
« on: 2 Oct 2016, 07:49 pm »
Today marks the end of a prolific era, the career of Dodgers Announcer Vin Scully. :(

One of the very first memories of my life was listening to Vin call the Dodgers games from my grandma's radio when I was three years old. Today, at 53, I am listening to his last game.

Vin Scully is a media and baseball legend, with 67 years behind the mic for the Dodgers. The time he would take to learn about the players, to tell the stories he would tell during each at bat, is a hallmark for every sportscaster, both present and future.

I wish I had a dollar for every time we, both my family and friends, muted the television and turned on the radio to hear Vin call the World Series.

Mr. Scully, thank you. You are a living legend, and I will never forget your voice.


Re: Thank You, Vin Scully
« Reply #1 on: 2 Oct 2016, 10:56 pm »
When in LA during the late 70's I caught (listened to) as many games as I could.  His play by play was magical.  So good in fact you didn't need to actually see the game played.  An esoteric quality few broadcasters own.  The best of the best.


Re: Thank You, Vin Scully
« Reply #2 on: 2 Oct 2016, 11:42 pm »
Truly a GOAT!!

Thanks Vin for 67 years!



Re: Thank You, Vin Scully
« Reply #3 on: 3 Oct 2016, 05:46 pm »
I've lived in LA my entire life, and Vin has been the Dodgers broadcaster the entire time.

He is just amazing, Dodger games are not going to be the same without him, how lucky we have been all of these years.

LA times and local TV and radio have of course been running many stories on him, his greatest calls, Koufax perfect game, Gibson home run, Aaron breaking Ruth's record.  When you read or hear them now, its hard to believe he did it all off the top of his head, and wasn't reading a script.  All in his understated way, knowing when to be silent and let crowd noise tell the story.

The other great thing about Vin is the stories he tells, weaving them in with the game.  He does it so well sometimes it seems like the game times itself around Vin's stories.



Re: Thank You, Vin Scully
« Reply #4 on: 4 Oct 2016, 12:09 am »
Also, a special tip o' the hat to the Giants organization. What they did for Vin yesterday was just sheer class from start to finish. What an impressive outpouring from the Dodgers' biggest rival.