LDR1.V2 Single Input Passive Preamp

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LDR1.V2 Single Input Passive Preamp
« on: 5 Sep 2016, 02:55 pm »
Over a year ago we released a single input version of our balanced preamp, the LDR1B.V2. The LDR1B had to be single input because we couldn't fit the input switching hardware for a balanced version inside this size enclosure. As a result we made an interesting subsequent discovery. Without the additional input switching hardware we believe the LDR1B.V2 is the best sounding preamp in our passive preamp lineup.

Based on the popularity and performance of our single input balanced passive preamp, the LDR1B.V2, we are releasing a single-ended single input passive preamp, the LDR1.V2 starting October 1st.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the LDR1. With pre-orders  your payment is not processed until the release date.

The LDR1 is priced at $995. More info on the LDR1 can be found here. http://www.tortugaaudio.com/ldr-v3-preamp-controller-system/


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Re: LDR1.V2 Single Input Passive Preamp
« Reply #1 on: 5 Sep 2016, 03:26 pm »
I have both the LDRxB-V2 and the LDR1B-V2.  The LDRxB-V2 is the main preamp/controller for the system to switch inputs and polarity.

I've found that the LDR1B-V2 is a tad cleaner sounding, though only slightly.  There's no free lunch in audio, so the simpler signal path is audible.  My LDR1B-V2 is now serving level matching duty of the bass amps to the mid/tweeter amps in my biamplified system.  Speaking of which, having the variable input impedance capability (changeable on the fly from the listening position) on both Tortugas has proven to be invaluable in fine tuning the performance of the biamped system.

If you only need to input a single source, then the LDR1-V2 or the LDR1B-V2 will reward you with spectacular performance.  By the way, using the optional battery power input takes any of the Tortugas to another level.