ZenWave SL speaker cables

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ZenWave SL speaker cables
« on: 25 Aug 2016, 04:38 pm »
I bought a pair of SL14s after hearing them on Dave's tour a few years back. I liked them a lot, finding them to be very open and refined, but they didn't have the bass power of the 7 ga. AZ Satori Shotgun biwire cables I owned and sold them, giving up some refinement for slam. Not a great trade off in retrospect.
I've recently put in a lot of time fine tuning my office system, which features LaHave Mela monitors, which use the Jordan 50 MM for mids-highs. This driver is extremely detailed and extended, which I like, but they are unforgiving of any distortion or hash from the front end. I switched to Zenwave D3 ICs a few months back, and that was a step in the right direction- cleaner and easier sounding. With that experience, when a 4ft pair of SL11s (2 runs of SL14s, essentially) turned up here, I bought them and was very pleased. They brought more of what the D3s had provided- just a cleaner, more open and natural sound. The combination was spot on.
In my main system, I recently bought and had modified a Nuprime ST-10, 10H stack to drive my Von Schweikert VR-5 HSE. I learned early on that the VR-5s are much better bi-wired, and have been using Signal Cable silver refs in bi-wire config. These cables have the best lower range I've ever had; bass is very deep, yet very fast and focused. I found the top end was not as refined as the SLs I was using in my office, so I ordered a pair of SL17 from Dave for the mids and tweets.
I got them yesterday. As these are the cables Dave used in his break in tests (another thread here), I plugged them in and sat back. The sound is everything I had hoped for. Relieved of the bottom end duties, they allow the speakers to sing beautifully. Top end extension and refinement is the best I've had.
I should mention I'm using Dave's D4s in this system, and the qualities of these cables are very synergistic, as I found with the D3s.
Dave recommends the SLs for high efficiency speakers, and I can add to that list using them as upper range in bi-wire systems, or doubled up for full range duty.
Dave has demonstrated again that his work really shines. I can't begin to claim I know this stuff like Dave does, but if you're looking for a great sounding cable, give him a holler.
Over the years and after a LOT of to and fro in cabling (and lots of $), I'm down to using Dave's ICs and SCs in both my best systems and am thrilled with the results. It feels like coming home.
BTW, SL11 = 11 ga., or double runs of SL14, which in turn are double runs of SL17.
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Re: ZenWave SL speaker cables
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Jumping off topic here a little - have you considered bi-amping your VSA's?

I had my jr's biwired and then went to a bi-amp set up and will not go back.


Re: ZenWave SL speaker cables
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Jumping off topic here a little - have you considered bi-amping your VSA's?

I had my jr's biwired and then went to a bi-amp set up and will not go back.
I've done that in the past with good results, but I like to keep things simple these days.


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Re: ZenWave SL speaker cables
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Thanks for the post jonbee!  :thumb:

It's great to hear when people like my cables, but even better when people like them more than my competition!  :lol:   :thankyou:

On the cables, the SL11 has been discontinued as it's overkill for the strengths of the SL cables, which really shine when used on more efficient speakers, single drivers, or as jonbee experienced, as the treble cable in  a bi-wire setup. Lower powered speakers like single drivers are great with the SL17 and speakers that can take more power with the SL14. I usually recommend the SMC speaker cables for less efficient speakers, the SMC is also a litz design (hand-built) but uses teflon insulated solid-core UPOCC copper wire at 24g vs the 44g wires used in the SL cables. The SMC could also be paired with the SL for a bi-wire setup.