ML Depth and sound

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ML Depth and sound
« on: 11 Nov 2004, 07:17 pm »
I have just received all of my AV equipment.  I have some new and some used.  My depth seems to be in mint condition, but it is used. It has the power light and there was hum when I plugged and unplugged the analysis plus sub oval connect.  I have a B&K 507 that is brand new.  I have the connect hooked out of the avr and into the .LFE properly .  I have the subwoofer turned on in the speaker menu.  I have the subwoofer turned on in the DVD player menu.  I cann't get any bass out of cds or 5.1 dvds I am starting to get worried--I don't think it should work with the cd unless I have a L&R Y connect.  I have it crossed over at 70 like the ML manual says high pass 12; low pass 24.  I have the knobs positioned on the back like indicated in the manual.  I have all speakers set to small.  It is set to a level of 00.  What am I missing?  

Please help--really worried about used gear!