HT Custom Cables Component Video -> Scart cable

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HT Custom Cables Component Video -> Scart cable
« on: 2 Mar 2003, 09:43 am »
HI All,

This short review is about the latest addition to my system: a Component Video RCA to Scart (Euroconnector) cable for use between Rotel RDV985 and Loewe Xelos 5981 widescreen TV.

I got the reference to HT Custom Cables from someone on HD and tried to go and find it but HD seems to be down again. Not sure if it will ever be up  :(. HT Custom Cables is run by David Meyer in Autralia. A typical online shop.
My problem at the time was that I wanted a high-quality cable in the described configuration but was unable to find that type at all. It was the only way to get a component video connection with my mix of components. I could only find Oehlbach cables that did not impress me with their price and quality of finish.

Up to now, I've been using a Monster cable: RCA Scart to composite video and stereo audio. This is both up and down-stream so could be used for a recorder as well.

The cable I have now bought from HTCC is Component Video only. No audio, I use a Toslink cable for that. Build quality is very high. Certainly much higher than the Monster cable I used until now.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the Scart connector well in the bag. It is an all-metal affair with a very nice finish. The RCA also seem to be of very high quality. The cable is Canare.

I cannot compare this cable to its functional peers as this is the only cable of its type I have ever used in my system. (see the problems in finding such a cable at all above) It is a very big step up from my Monster Composite cable. Better color saturation, more even gradients and more depth to the picture. Definitely recommended for this quality and price (I paid AU$170, about Euro 93, US$100)

A word about HTCC: I had never heard of the company as they are almost exactly half a world away from me. David has been extremely helpful in figuring out exact pinouts and checking compatability with my equipment. Once I ordered the cable, I had it at home in 10 days, most of it shipping.

If you ever need a custom made cable, put HTCC on your list of companies to consider. You can find them here:

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