A Review of the EVOKE Eddie by a new customer

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John Casler

A Review of the EVOKE Eddie by a new customer
« on: 11 Jul 2016, 11:03 pm »
Just received a small review of the EDDIE standmount by a new customer.

It was quite nice and I thought some of you might find it useful.

Comments from customers like these, make it all worth it.  :thumb:

He wrote:

"I just got the EDDIE speakers. I am running them in class A mode up to 35 watts (I haven't used more than 10 watts so far). The speakers are efficient. The EDDIE's are wired with Nordost flat speaker wire with banana plugs. I left the mid and tweeter settings at your recommended 10 o'clock positions.

The EDDIE speakers are currently crossing over to a pair 8" Eton Hexacone mid bass/bass drivers that are mounted in a fairly large, custom, semi-aperiodic sealed dual chamber enclosure of my design. The Etons run with no low pass filter. I use a Martin Logan servo controlled 10" aluminum coned subwoofer below 45 Hz.

My system is time aligned and is as phase coherent as I can get it. My previous system had customized, Dynaudio CM 5 Compact mini monitors. The speaker system threw a huge soundstage. The main problem I had with the Dynaudios was the smallish size of the images within the soundstage.

During the first track of one of my reference LPs, I moved the EDDIEs a quarter inch from their initial placement to fine tune the time alignment of my system. My reference LP is a DSD remastered version of Let It Bleed by the Rolling Stones. By track two I was very impressed with the clarity of the drumming and the physical presence of the drum kit. The piano and the vocals were equally clear and present. By Country Honk, track three, I had to laugh aloud because I was so happy at what I was hearing regarding the soundstage.

The soundstage easily surpassed my previous best by a significant margin. The drums were further back in space as they should but they were bigger and more physically present, vocals and guitars were further forward, creating a very large soundscape with plenty of space between and around the instruments. To me, this is what it is all about. You nailed the crossover network and everything else!

By track four, the EDDIE speakers recreated the elation that I felt when I got my first pair of prescription glasses in the 7th grade: I was so impressed with all the extra detail I was now seeing. Through the EDDIE speakers I hear the extra detail. Music has a 20/20 focus and clarity. Images are bigger, clearer, and physically more present.

Music has a very natural ease to it. There seems to be zero distortion. Dynamic contrasts within the music come through with the same ease and naturalness.

Thanks for creating these speakers! They are perfect for my room. I'll give you more feed back when they get enough playing time to fully break them in. I'll also run them full range at some point. To say that I am very happy with these speakers is an understatement. The EDDIEs are truly reference speakers."