The EVOKE "Founder's Circle" is now open

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John Casler

The EVOKE "Founder's Circle" is now open
« on: 16 Jun 2016, 01:55 am »
Coming off a GREAT 1st Show, and Reviews, EVOKE has now opened the FOUNDER'S CIRCLE.

As the "new guy" on the Speaker Company Block, we felt the most effective manner to "reach out" and introduce our first speaker, the EDDIE, was what we call THE FOUNDER'S CIRCLE.

This is a reward group of you original owners with "benefits".

This is a limited club or circle and will have initial courtesy price of $2995 that will progressively increase to full retail of $3895.

We will inform everyone of when those price adjustments will occur so that you don't miss you opportunity.

So below are the DETAILS of the EVOKE FOUNDER'S CIRCLE

You are cordially invited to become part of the EVOKE Loudspeakers “Founders Circle”.

§ You will receive exclusive Founders Circle pricing on EDDIE.

§ You will receive a lifetime discount of 10% on all future EVOKE purchases.

§ You will receive a 3-year trade-up option of EDDIE toward any higher priced EVOKE
at 60% of your original EDDIE purchase price.

EDDIE Founders Circle Pricing

§ Founders Circle special MSRP pricing
Serial numbers 0001 – 0024 $2,995 per pair

§ Founders Circle special MSRP Pricing
Serial numbers 0025 – 0050 $3,295 per pair

When the Founders Circle program ends, the price for EDDIE will increase to $3,595 per pair and
ultimately retail at $3,895 per pair.

The Founders Circle has begun and this offer will not be repeated.

EDDIE was named “Best of Show, best sound for the money” at THE Show, Newport Beach. According to Robert Harley of
The Absolute Sound, “[Eddie] … sounded clean, fast, and transparent - and like it should cost
much more than $4k.”

To qualify, reserve a pair of EDDIE loudspeakers. All you need to do that is to make a 50%
and you will receive your serial numbers. Once your order is placed we estimate 30 days
to build EDDIE for you. The balance and applicable taxes, along with charges for your choice of
shipping will be due prior to shipping.

Every EDDIE Loudspeaker is 100% tested and burned-in for 24 hours. We want EDDIE to be
ready for you when he arrives! The owners’ manual []
contains valuable information about the quality of your source materials and electronics, as
these will determine how good EDDIE will sound for you. Make sure to ask your EVOKE
representative for their recommendations.

MSRP is subject to change. Production time is estimated. This offer is subject to change in whole or in part.