Snarky Puppy

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Snarky Puppy
« on: 27 May 2016, 05:35 pm »

I am looking to get a Snarky Puppy CD or 2.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend one.  I read some interesting thoughts on Amazon regarding the questionable quality of the Family Dinner tracks.  Does anyone have any input on the quality of the cd recordings?  Also, feel free to recommend any similar artists. 



Re: Snarky Puppy
« Reply #1 on: 27 May 2016, 05:56 pm »
I like most of Snarky Puppy's releases. The two I'd recommend would be We Like It Here and groundUP or Tell Your Friends.

I'm not a fan of their first Family Dinner album. I didn't like the vocal aspect of it. I don't know why, but that's just me. I didn't even try the second volume.

You could always listen to most of their albums here: and decide for yourself which one you'd like to buy.


Re: Snarky Puppy
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Re: Snarky Puppy
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The band can cover a wide range of genres so I would check out You Tube. Most (if not all) of their tracks can be found there and will give you a good idea of what you might like.

As far as the sound the Snarky recordings are hit and miss. Their main recording engineer actually passed away during the Family Dinner 2 sessions, young guy, very sad. He used a lot of compression and mixes were uneven. "Tell your Friends" is pretty good overall though, and "Ground Up" has great music but inconsistent sonics (part of that due to a bad space to record in). "Family Dinner 1" as mentioned in the earlier posts features different vocalists and a nice recording venue. It's more of a backup band thing and some of the tracks I like but I prefer their instrumental stuff.

"We Like it Here" has great music but again a so-so recording. "Sylva" is with the Metropole Orchestra, interesting music, but again a mediocre recording. "Family Dinner 2" again mostly features vocals but there are some instrumental tracks. This time the vocals are more varied (Vol #1 was more smooth jazz/soul/neo-soul)and musically I think it's a great album if you have eclectic tastes or can stretch your musical boundaries. The sound on some tracks is pretty good but there is one that really sucks and one where they did some bizarre effects and compression.