Stoopid question alert

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Stoopid question alert
« on: 12 May 2016, 07:52 pm »
Evening all, l have a JT Dynamic PSU for one of my Sensations, the power cord has a US mains plug at the end this then feeds into a US to UK adaptor which feeds the wall receptacle, my question is can l take off the US plug along with the US- UK adaptor as l would like to put a fancy pants Furutech 1363G UK mains plug in their place. thanks for any help.


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Re: Stoopid question alert
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jul 2016, 05:38 am »
UK is 240v and the JT transformer is not "universal" (unless Jason put 120/240 switch and plumbing on there).  So I would advise against it.  With the switchers, changing the plug is all you need to do.

G Georgopoulos

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Re: Stoopid question alert
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jul 2016, 05:58 am »
virtue what are you saying man,the guy wants to upgrade the mains plug,since us plug and us-to-uk plug adapter already works that means mains voltage (240v) is covered,if it works with the adapter yes it can work with "Furutech 1363G UK mains plug",the guy want to upgrade the mains plug!,just google uk mains wiring color codes to wire the plug the right way,or better still ask an electrician to do it

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