Selling SME 20/2 locally for any Texan vinyl lovers here

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I am getting photos etc ready for a proper listing but since I don't have all the OBM for shipping, I really hope to sell locally. If you are near Austin (and I use the term generously) and are interested in a good condition SME 20/2 with V tonearm, let me know. I prefer not to split, it's been my main table, a mid-2000s model, the SME V arm was a more recent upgrade from the 309 it came with from an audio manufacturer in California who sold it to me. I put a new belt on, adjusted it to perfection, all works as intended, proper screwdrivers/arm adjusters included, you know these tables will outlast you if you look after them. Can help deliver and even set-up if this is a concern within reasonable range. Looking for $5k for the combo, no interest in trades right now but who knows.

Drop me a line if interested and I'll get photos to you and answer any questions --


Patrick in Austin