New design - Song3 in black and white ceruse finish - SOLD

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AXPONA is over the the results are in. Just some of the press comments from the show...

"The world premiere Salk Song 3...3-way speaker system ($2895/pair), with a claimed sensitivity of 89 dB...sounded amazingly impressive for the price...was my Best Buy system for Day 1 of the show. The sound was extremely clear, smooth, and lovely. Not only was it closer to neutral than many systems I encountered on day 1, but it was also amazingly communicative."
- Jason Victor Serinus
 Stereophile Blog

Auspicious Debuts
"The Salk Song 3 ($2895), having its “world premiere” at AXPONA, was so new that the model’s name hadn’t yet made it to the demo room’s equipment list. The driver complement includes a RAAL ribbon tweeter, a 4” midrange with a bamboo cone, and a 7.5” papyrus woofer; the Song 3’s ported enclosure measures 9.5” x 40.25” x 14.25” with bass response reported as 33Hz - 3dB...the sound in the room was very involving—this despite the fact that the speakers were not yet fully broken in."
- Andrew Quint
 The Absolute Sound

This promises to be a design we will be building for years to come.

This is the AXPONA pair we did in a special black and white ceruse finish...

Here is a closeup of the finish...

This design is now in production. The owner of this particular pair will own the very first pair of these speakers ever produced and featured in the AXPONA show coverage. 

Grills are included. 

They are available now for $2895 for the pair plus shipping.

- Jim
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