FS: Gallo Acoustics Classico CLS-10 Subwoofer - New! Asking $400 obo

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I just bought two of these to match my Omega Super 3i speakers,and quickly found out that two are too much for my room, so I only need to keep one. I am the original owner, and I literally received these brand new last month. I could have marked it as "New", but it was unboxed, and now it's back in the box. Not even broken in yet, perfect functional and cosmetic condition!

It throws out a huge amount of musical, tight bass out of the angled 10" woofer, and matches the ultrafast Omegas seamlessly. Very It looks sharp too, and comes with a grill to cover the driver.

Frequency Response: 19Hz – 200Hz +/-3dB
Power Handling: 300 watts RMS, 600 watts maximum output
Driver: Custom long-throw 10 inch ceramic-coated aluminum cone driver
Dimensions: 15.5"H x 12"W x 15.25"D
Cone Material: Ceramic-coated aluminum cone
Enclosure Material: 3/4-inch internally braced MDF
Crossover: High level (built in 100Hz bypass filter) and line level in and out. LFE/Bypass crossover switch.
Connections: Line level - RCA jacks, speaker level - 5-way binding posts
Finish: Genuine black ash finish
Phase: 0°, 180° switch
Low Pass: 50Hz – 200Hz continuously variable
High Pass: 100Hz fixed, only on speaker level output
Bass EQ: 0, +3dB, +6dB, Center frequency – 25Hz
Power Auto On/Off: Yes
Gain: Yes
Weight: 39 lbs
Woofers Cover: Black metal grill cover

Great reviews all over the place....
Audio Video Revolution:
"Speaking of bass, enter the mighty CLS-10 subwoofer. This Class D powered sub has a 10 inch woofer a ton of connectivity and sound tuning options. These include low and high level stereo phono inputs, speaker inputs and outputs, crossover adjustment, bass level, a phase switch, and bass EQ. Gallo says the CLS-10’s cabinet is carefully designed to address resonance and is well and strategically damped."

Top Pick - Sound and Vision:
"One look at the CLS-10’s distinctive shape and you know it’s different—different in a very good way, as it turns out. Commenting on the role it played in conveying the thundering cavalries and heavy-artillery bombardments in War Horse, reviewer mark Fleischmann wrote: “For a 10-incher, it was surprisingly powerful, mustering higher and higher output as the story stepped up its decibel count…The CLS-10 was a manifestly good-sounding sub.” (January 2013)


By design, there is no ground pin on the AC power IEC, and via my high level speaker cable connections (unshielded cable), it emits a very low level hum when idle. When the RCA inputs are connected, it is dead silent.  When I ground the sub via the RCA connection, but still using the speaker cable connections, it is dead silent. No audible effect when the music is playing, of course, but I believe in full disclosure.  The sub is ground sensitive in my configuration. YMMV!

Due to size and weight, buyer agrees to pay shipping. I take Paypal with shipping to "verified" address, and "gift" payment is fine as long as buyer has verifiable good feedback.

Thanks for looking!!

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