Cartridge for Well Tempered Labs Classic

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Cartridge for Well Tempered Labs Classic
« on: 20 Feb 2016, 08:22 am »
Hello friends
It,s me again!!
Can some one recommend, a MC cartridge, for my well tempered labs classic, made in the 90's, the cartridge that I enjoyed the most was a Dynavector 17D3, but only after it just broke in, it failed, this is the second 17D3, that has failed on me, Dynavector Australia, don't want to know, (faulty batch) ??, so politics aside, I'm looking for a cartridge, at near the same price, which would be around $1,200-$2,000 USD, that sounds just as good, and similar in price, that suites the classic arm??, some one recommenced, the Benz Micro Glider, please be advise that in Australia, we only have a few cartridges, to choose from!!, you help would be great!!
Also, I'm going to change the silicone in my arm cup, "turntable Basics" sells the silcone, can some one recommend the velcosity, of the silicone, and how much I need to fill the cup, sorry about any typos, just can't spell!!
Thanks Friends
David Spry


Re: Cartridge for Well Tempered Labs Classic
« Reply #1 on: 20 Feb 2016, 02:35 pm »
You might consider reading the threads in this Circle. I'm new here, but I can tell you that there is a wealth of info already covering those topics already posted.

 - for example

I use Lucas Factory Team 100K cst (eBay) in the arm well. In mycase, just covering the arm-paddle is sufficient anti skate needed. I use Royal Purple 5W-30 synthetic motor oil in the spindle well with enough to cover the bearings.

There seems to be a slant here toward Dynavector working well with the WTTs...all generations! Great cart's! The nice thing is that the WTT will take as much of a cartridge as you are willing to spend. As long as your 17d3 is in good shape you should be getting fairly spectacular results as long as it is set-up correctly. the threads here.

Myself, I'm enjoying a Sumiko Blackbird.


Re: Cartridge for Well Tempered Labs Classic
« Reply #2 on: 20 Feb 2016, 06:48 pm »
I'm on my third Lyra cartridge, and all of them have played very well with the WTT Reference tonearm.  The Delos is in your price range.  I picked up a Kleos used in a similar price range, but can't tell much difference between the two on the WTT arm, so if I had it to do again I'd just stick with the Delos.

Regarding the silicone fluid, I used OFNA Racing 120,000 wtg (~100,000 cst) diff-lock silicone oil for the well, although if I had it to over again I'd use something less viscous like 100,000 wt (~50,000 cst)as I suspect the high viscosity I'm using is the main reason my VTF varies so much.  Be careful--the oil goes everywhere and requires lighter fluid or equivalent to clean up.

I second the 5W30 synthetic oil for the spindle bearing.