Well Tempered Labs Classic TT + Cartridge

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Well Tempered Labs Classic TT + Cartridge
« on: 31 Jan 2016, 11:16 am »
Hello Friends, I hope someone can help!!
I have a Well Tempered Labs TT, with Marigo Labs upgrade, for the arm cup!!
I do believe, there are third party, upgrades, for the above!!, this is my favorite TT, an wish to go the whole way, re upgrades!!
I live down in Australia, where the above, is rare!!
I wish some one out there, can help!!, If I have to buy from the USA, I will!!
1.I do believe, that there is a  update for the stretch band, to my motor??
2." Larry Pederson", upgrade , on my arm!!, is still available??
3. I'm not sure, there where feet to place under, the TT, are they still available??
I have been playing, the above, with the Dynavector 17d3, with good results, but think I can do better, it is not recommended, to the arm!!
What I want is a moving coil, with balls, and speed,, a  cartridge, with again speed and guts!!
Any help