JansZen Have Updated Their Website

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JansZen Have Updated Their Website
« on: 16 Jan 2016, 12:01 am »
JansZen have totally updated their website.
Looks really good.
The old one had got very cluttered.
It is now clear & swish.
Lots of good pictures as well..
Also they are now only selling direct, the dealers have all gone.
They have also added new products to the range (electrostatic headphones & cables).
Looks like the updated model one and the centre channel speaker have fallen by the wayside.
No big deal in my opinion.


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Re: JansZen Have Updated Their Website
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jan 2016, 09:13 pm »
Thanks Bruce.  I just found it yesterday and agree it is a nice improvement over the old site.

It might be interesting to learn what percentage of his "home trials" end up in sales.  I heard the zA2.1 in two different demo situations but nothing compared to the results in my own room and that convinced me to buy them.


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Re: JansZen Have Updated Their Website
« Reply #2 on: 11 Jan 2017, 03:02 pm »
In fact, returns are very rare. The reason in all cases has been an expectation of electrostatic treble when not seated, i.e., wide dispersion from the panels. About that, the airLayer tweeters can be used to fill in the treble for non-critical listening, namely when standing up or sitting far off axis.