New listing policy

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New listing policy
« on: 21 Dec 2015, 05:22 pm »
For a number of years now, we have actively helped our customers sell used Salk speakers and we were happy to do so.  We also continually offer speakers that have been traded in on more expensive speaker models.  This has helped people upgrade their speakers at the lowest possible cost.

In the recent past, however, we have received a number of complaints from individuals who purchased used speakers directly from customers via a listing here without our involvement.  Some have reported that cabinet damage was not sufficiently disclosed and others had speakers arrive with damaged drivers.  Since we had no involvement with these sales, there isn't much we could do about it.  And while these individuals didn't necessarily blame us, they did express disappointment in a transaction that resulted from a listing we made in this circle.

So from this point forward, we will not list speakers we are not in possession of as the result of a trade.

We will continue to post listings for speakers that were traded in and are in our possession.  These speakers will be tested to confirm that they are in perfect working condition and will be re-finished, if necessary, to make certain they are in like-new condition before sending them on to a new owner.

The Trading Post circle here on Audiocircle, similar sections on other audio web sites and audio re-sale sites like are great alternatives that can be used to offer speakers for sale.

I hope you understand.

- Jim


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Re: New listing policy
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*Salk Certified*

It's awesome you offer the Service. Thanks!  :thumb:

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Re: New listing policy
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Re: New listing policy
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Good policy to have, Jim. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Phil A

Re: New listing policy
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Good policy to have, Jim. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

+1 on that.  I bought a component many moons ago that was not in the advertised condition (in fact didn't work).  It was tough enough to deal with that being directly involved in the transaction.  It's much worse when you're not involved but viewed as facilitating it.


Re: New listing policy
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Smart policy Jim.   :thumb:



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Re: New listing policy
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I have a pair of HT3's in Burled Walnut that I need to sell. I do not have their boxes. How do I proceed to get boxes and ship them to you, etc?