***X-Otica Main & Sub Build***

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Re: ***X-Otica Main & Sub Build***
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I wasn't sure if they were 45 or 30 from the picture. I thought 45 but wasn't sure.

I ended up trying with the table tilted at both 45 and 30. I expected 30 would be shallower and would therefore look better. It turned out the cut was actually steeper at 30 and did not look as good. This didn't make sense until I realized the degree markings on the table are what you get on the left side of the blade. 45 is going to be the same on either side of the blade but since I set the bandsaw up like you did, cutting on the right side of the blade, the 30 degree setting actually resulted in a 60 degree cut on the foam. So I cut all mine at 45.

I actually cut the bevel on both edges of the pieces. Not that the inside facing the drivers need a bevel but to keep me from screwing up by getting a piece turned around backward.

Definately install the No-Rez last. Cutting the No-Rez shallower than the depth of the box like Peter suggests will keep the wiring from getting in the way. The only place the wiring will be in contact with the No-Rez is along the edge where the connector is.

Don't forget to strip the foam back about 2" from the drivers.



Re: ***X-Otica Main & Sub Build***
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Last pair  I did I  mitered the corners after seeing Peters results.  I did not go with the beveled edge, not my thing.   I used to cut the pieces deep enough so they went  from  baffle to front edge, then  I'd  cut  and inch or so of foam off and notch  the inner corners where needed for  wiring.  Now I've been cutting  the pieces   an inch short  so they don't butt up against the baffle, leaves woofer and wiring clearence.

As Peter and Mike said,  all wiring  is done prior to  no rez, it's the last step.  When I install it, I do the 2 sides of each  cabity, then the  base & top.  I put a bit of an arc in the last 2 pieces of no rez then butt it into one corner  and  work my way across to the other.  first piece was a little eawkward but   you get the hang of it iquickly.
Pieces were also cut  just a hir short to get a good fit  in the corner.
There's a pic  over in the flat pack thread if  interested in the mitered  corner with  no bevel look.