Triton Ones with CI E200S

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Triton Ones with CI E200S
« on: 28 Nov 2015, 09:27 pm »
I upgraded my system yet again and purchased a pair of GoldenEar Triton Ones. I'm driving them with the CI E200S. I see that the E200S is now a Stereophile Class B component, as were my previous speakers (B&W 683 S2); the Stereophile review of the Triton Ones rated them a solid Class B, borderline Class A. I suspect they snuck across that border in the night when no one was looking.

My simple, 2.0 system is now:
Oppo 105D
Morrow Audio MA7 balanced interconnects
CI E200S amp
Morrow Audio SP7 speaker cables
Triton Ones

Pretty simple, but what a sound! I really was afraid the Triton Ones wouldn't make that much a difference, but they are performing far better than I dared hope for. And I'm probably only though about a third of the speaker break in process.

The E200S drives these speakers effortlessly and reveals ultra fine detail, much more than the previous speakers were capable of. You can look at this from the speaker perspective or the amp and system perspective. The speakers reveal what the system and amp are delivering, absolutely exquisite detail with sweet strings and brass (on most recordings), laser sharp imaging, and no sign of strain. It is an incredibly revealing system, and well recorded music really sings.

The Triton Ones have their own built-in 1600 W Class D subwoofer amps, so I presume the bass load below 100 Hz is being taken off the amp. (I measured the current draw from the Triton Ones, and with almost painfully loud pipe organ with low frequencies literally shaking the house, they were only drawing about 3 amps worst case.) The Triton Ones have extended low bass; when combined with my room gain, there doesn't seem to be any practical lower limit. The bass is clean and fast and detailed (again thanks to the signal coming down the pipe!).

Transients in these speakers are extremely tight, something I noticed when I auditioned them at the dealer. See the Stereophile Triton One review online and look at the measurements. The transient phase alignment is much better than those of the B&W 802Ds I heard at the same dealer (another Stereophile review is available for those). Transients on the Triton Ones sounded "crisper".

I better stop upgrading at this point. I've thought about EQ, but I'm afraid of adding anything else in the signal chain for fear of screwing up what I have.