Well Tempered lab Reference

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Well Tempered lab Reference
« on: 24 Nov 2015, 10:06 am »
Hello Friends
I have a Well Tempered Labs Reference, ( the ones that were made in the 90's), can someone help, I need to have the above tuned, and may be restrung!!, I was recommended, by Johnathon Davis, in Australia, that sell well tempered, for a bloke that lives 40 km, to me, his name is "Vince Hamilton" of "once analog", to set it up, and install a new cartridge, Dynavector 17D3, which was done, but was mistaking, when he installed it at My place, when he took it out of the arm, there was no tip, on the cartridge, he then blame me for the damage, I have never meet this man, before, as he was recommend, by Johnathon Davis, from Dynavector Australia, I have bought from the above in the last ten years
1. pair of speaker's, Shahinian arc's
2. Interconnects
3. speaker cable
4. two Dynavector cartridges
5. spare belt for my classic
All up many dollars, to stay loyal
"Big Mistake"
I did not touch the the cartridge!!
Just after I met him for the first time, to install my new cartridge, he went on to my balcony, and sank three beer's and smoke a few smokes, this is coming from Dynavector Australia!!
Then he took the damaged, cartridge home, he re ordered, a new 17D3, as a trade in, cost me a extra $900.00, then he went to Thailand, to meet up with some sort of Girl, I then had to pay his hospital, cost, to get him home, yet he told me, his "girl: was a doctor from Vietnam!!
Any way I'm sick of it, Dynavector want's nothing to do with it, Johnathon hang your head in shame, I told you you about his drinking. !!
Now that I have My say, is there anyone, out there, that can tune my TT, and inspect, the so called new cartridge, Dynavector has wash there hands, of the above!!
I live down on the far sth Coast of NSW, the reason I can't do this myself is I have very bad vision, and Parkinson, Money no object!!