NuPrime-X MCX-4

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NuPrime-X MCX-4
« on: 1 Oct 2018, 05:28 am »

NuPrime-X is a sub brand of NuPrime targeting home theater and gaming market.  The technology is not much different from NuPrime's 2 channel products, but we realise that the marketing message and sales channels are quite different from 2-channel. 
The MCX-4 has just been released. The design and sound of MCX-4 can best be described as related to MCH-K38, where K38 has more brute force (especially with bridged channels) and MCX-4 is more refined with bigger sound stage. 
MCX-4 is shipping now, MCX-2 and MCX-1 will be shipping mid November.

We are having a promotion until end of October - if you're interested, please sign up on this form


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Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #1 on: 2 Oct 2018, 01:18 am »
I would like to know what is its position in the amp comparison chart. Will mcx-1 only have one channel?


Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #2 on: 2 Oct 2018, 03:22 am »
I'm not sure if that strategy is good in terms of dilution of the brand. If you take mainstream brands like Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, etc, the market will just buy those for their HT and/or high-end gaming rig use. Why not try to approach all markets with one brand?


Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #3 on: 2 Oct 2018, 04:38 am »
I will not be discussing NuPrime-X further this forum, and no comparison with NuPrime products.
Obviously I can't stop some of you from comparing.
What does it mean about brand dilution? You guys buy NuPrime because it is the best value for money, and in some cases, simply one of the very best at any price.
The prestige of high end days have long gone, if you haven't notice. Look around, we are surrounded by Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung (Harmon is owned by Samsung).  Trying to sell NuPrime to a bunch of 20 something is like selling ice to Eskimo.  The younger generations are willing to spend thousands of $ on online games, smart phones, anything but his father's audio.  So I figure, if we can't beat them, we better join them  :lol:

We will continue to make good products the best we can.  I don't think people will stop buying NuPrime just because we also make a line of damn good multi channel amps and other products under NuPrime-X for the "kids".


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Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #4 on: 3 Oct 2018, 05:42 pm »
Cool. Good idea. I hope this works out. In the mean time, I enjoy my Ref Evo One Monos for two channel and in combination with MCH-K38 for home theater. Works fine!


Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #5 on: 3 Oct 2018, 06:42 pm »
If one of you ended up buying MCX-4 and got a shock by the sound, please don't post and compare here.
I don't want to answer questions about MCX-4 or 2 x STA-9 or 2 x ST-10 or MCX-2 or ST-10, etc.
Our position is that if you are planing to setup a home theater, go for MCX, they are reference class.
If 2 channel music system, stay with the NuPrime 9 or 10 series, or the integrated.


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Re: NuPrime-X MCX-4
« Reply #6 on: 8 Oct 2018, 03:34 am »
Oh how I wish I could get something like this in a 1U rackmount case...