RMAF report by Scott Hull aka Part Time Audiophile

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RMAF report by Scott Hull aka Part Time Audiophile
« on: 22 Oct 2015, 08:19 pm »

Scott also takes the time to get it, and describes what we're trying to do extremely well.

Here's quick sound bite:

"The [Space] Generators don’t change the system, or how it sounds, not fundamentally. That system will sound as good, or not, as it happens to be. The Generators are very straightforwardly adding something. Not PRaT. No, the speakers didn’t magically transform themselves into Magicos or Magnepans. They sounded exactly the same. What was added? A bigger room. No, seriously — it was as if the room got 10′ bigger in every dimension. More specifically, it was as if the music was played on a much larger stage. Audiophiles talk about how sound stage might “spread past the boundaries of the speakers” and how rare that is. That’s exactly what was happening here. There was this moment when I found myself bracing, my mind repeating “Whoa whoa whoa …!” And then the speakers fell away and vanished. The walls did too. Space yawned, darkness fell, and we were all spinning around with the stars. It was cool."