Set up is Everything

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Set up is Everything
« on: 6 Oct 2015, 12:01 am »
I've had a little L00 solid mahogany for some time now and while like it, just messed with it (my 74 D35 is just great).
Gave the work to guy named Tom Henry "Toms Guitar Service" and asked him to set it up. He gave me a call to come
get her and honestly I couldn't believe it was the same guitar. It has a tone and sustain to die for and a big bold sound
from such a little girl. It's like getting a new guitar and I am havin all kinds of fun with her.
I know Mr. Henry had a lot to do with this but if the sound wasn't in there to begin with he couldn't have brought it out.
For pretty cheap (best bang for the buck I've had in a long time). Take your axe down to a pro and see what they have to say.
You just might be surprised.

ps: I'll plug Tom's Guitar Service in Winston-Salem NC as one of the best around. The guy does great work.


Re: Set up is Everything
« Reply #1 on: 3 Aug 2016, 03:56 am »
Good advice, but since you can learn just about anything short of neurosurgery on the 'net these days, you can learn to set up your own guitars. Here's a link to one site.....

 I had to do a bit a fiddling w/ the bridge on my Squire 51, saddles adjusted correctly,  the intonation is pretty spot on as well as the action. Important to get action set right, not only makes it easier to play but if too low, ya get fret buzz, if too high notes will go sharp when fretted.