Euforia -minimum requirements

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Euforia -minimum requirements
« on: 5 Sep 2015, 10:24 pm »
Ok, as a died in the wool analogic tragic, this sounds like a great place to start a computer based source. I don't want to build a server, or buy another multi $K product to dip my toe into this new for me (computer based audio) source.

So is there a (cheap) netbook,  or tablet (or my old iPod?) that could be used to feed USB digits into this DAC, with appropriate software and storage?




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Re: Euforia -minimum requirements
« Reply #1 on: 6 Sep 2015, 01:18 am »
Might look into a Squeezebox Touch 
I know nothing about the Euforia but I have a Touch.  It is WiFi or hardwired and found in the used market and usually cheaper on Craig's List.  There have been some here on AC and I might add if this is a route you choose a linear power supply helps.

Once again just a thought could be wrong but please don't tell my wife, I am two for two today :roll:


Re: Euforia -minimum requirements
« Reply #2 on: 6 Sep 2015, 01:35 am »
A Squeezebox is probably not going to be a great choice for the Euphoria absent some hacking and tweaking around as the Euphoria is a DSD via USB only unit.

As an inexpensive starting place I'd recommend a macmini.  Inexpensive, plug and play and plenty of tutorials to extract the most performance from it.  A PC or laptop would be a great start as well, but wont be quite as plug and play.


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Re: Euforia -minimum requirements
« Reply #3 on: 6 Sep 2015, 02:50 am »
Also, when you want to get your mac sounding better, there are some easy fixes.  PCs, less so.


Re: Euforia -minimum requirements
« Reply #4 on: 8 Sep 2015, 10:53 am »
Maybe this?

Upgrade to Win10 for free and put in a 64GB or even 128gb microSD card for a huge playlist and playback DSD native rate. It has a full sized USB 2.0 port and will operate in battery mode when charged. There are likely some nice optimization scripts for Win10 too. Audiophil has not yet release the
 AO for Win10 yet though.

If you want to upsample PCM, then you will need an i7 MMini with its much bigger horsepower rating.