InnerFidelity DAC-10H review

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John Casler

InnerFidelity DAC-10H review
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NuPrime DAC-10H Digital to Analog Converter with Headphone Amp

By John Grandberg • Posted: Jul 28, 2015


Here is another nice, informative review of the NuPRIME DAC-10H

Same Volume Control as the $16,000 Pass Labs XP-30!

<<<<Speaking of preamp duties: among the most interesting aspects of the device is the volume control. Where many DACs in this price class rely on the (lossy) digital volume control implementation built into the DAC chip itself, NuPrime takes their own route by using a switched resistor ladder network borrowed from their expensive P-20 preamp. At the heart of this volume control scheme is the Muses 72320 chip from New Japan Radio Co as also found in the $16k Pass Labs XP-30. The result is just a single resistor in the signal path at any given volume, throughout a range of 99 steps in .5dB increments. Output can go as high as 8V on the XLR or 4V on RCA making this a true preamp in every sense of the word. Analog inputs do not require digitization as they would in other designs that lack analog volume control. Four different gain setting allow for ideal system matching. In short, NuPrime has all the required bases covered for use in most any situation.>>>>


Re: InnerFidelity DAC-10H review
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The Absolute Sound and InnerFidelity have validated what we have said all along - the best there is.