AudioPhile Review article says NuPRIME DAC-10 "sounded as good as I've heard"

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John Casler

A recent article in AudioPhile Review, by Steven Stone discusses "price to actual performance" of some components.

Are You Missing Something?

In this article, Steven says the following regarding DACS:

When it comes to digital electronics there is no readily-apparent reason other than the lack of any economies of scale that DACs need to cost over five figures to be sonically excellent. I've heard a number of recently released DACs all priced under $2,000 that sounded as good as I've heard any DAC sound - these include the Aurender "Flow", Geekout V2, and the NuPrime DAC-10. Granted, none of these DACs have thick luxuriant front panels or gold-plated knobs, but they all did digital conversions with a level of finesse that rivaled many DACs I've heard in the past that do sport golden appendages.


DAC-10 ($1495) and DAC-10H $1795


New review in innerfidelity.


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Pretty impressive review.  I concur with the preamp/dac findings.

John Casler

New review in innerfidelity.

Got it. . .Thanks.

I pulled the link to it HERE