Well Tempered Reference Cartridge Alignment

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Well Tempered Reference Cartridge Alignment
« on: 15 Jul 2015, 05:07 am »
I'm looking for a better understanding of optimizing the geometry of my Well Tempered Reference Turntable.

I bought it used and had a local dealer set it up about 15 years ago with a Lyra Beta cartridge.  As I recall he used the Wallytractor that came with the turntable to do the alignment.  I was happy--didn't give it much thought, just played records and it sounded good.

Well two years ago we moved from OR to CA, and in the process the movers tipped the turntable up on its side creating quite a mess.  I had all I could deal with to get settled, new job, etc., so I took it to a local shop to fix since the 'table.  He noticed that the suspension on the cartridge was shot, so I had him install a new Delos and set it up for the turntable.

It was a year before I got a chance to set up my stereo, and it sounded good.  Then I replaced my Lehman BlackCube with a Rowland Consummate phono and line stage, and it sounded amazing (by comparison).  Acoustic treatments, cables, subwoofers, etc. and the system keeps sounding better.  Then I noticed that the tonearm was wobbly--the screws attaching column that supports the fishing line had loosened.  I pulled the column out without realizing that it would mess up the overhang.  In the process I notice that the VTA gauge was installed backward, and the fishing line was twisted (not correct for this model).  The "pro" clearly wasn't (at least for WTT).  "No problem, I can figure this out" I say.

That's where the confusion starts.  I search unsuccessfully for the file with the turntable information including the WTT and Wallytractor.  I download a template off Turntable Forum and get the overhang dialed in.  The offset looks decent, but I want something more precise (and not dependent on correct scaling on my printer), so I contacted Wally Malewicz.  After an initial email and pleasant phone call, I can no longer reach him, so off to Amazon to pick up a cheapo protractor and digital scale.

I get everything sorted and aligned, and it sounds even better than before--more relaxed, better bass.  Life is good.  But of course being an audiophile I figure "it can be better!" 

Which is why I'm writing.  There is some inherent "slop" (or compliance) in the WTT tonearm.  Once I get a precise protractor, how do I go about dialing overhang and offset in precisely when the tonearm can sway +/- ~1 mm?  Does it matter?

I picked up a Kleos which is supposed to be quite a bit better than the Delos, but is much more persnickety when it comes to alignment, so before mounting it I'm trying to figure out my game plan.

Thanks in advance!