Contacting Sanders Sound Systems

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Contacting Sanders Sound Systems
« on: 14 Jul 2015, 05:49 pm »
I do not want to start any rumors.  This is merely a question.

I have been trying to contact Roger via email since May 27.  I am using the same address that has worked in the past.  I have not received any response.  One of Roger's attributes is his accessibility and prompt responses.  So no answer is very strange.

I have tried calling the number on the website since last week and again today. It makes strange, screeching noises, rings a few times, then goes to a busy signal.  No answering machine or message.

As you can see, I have been both patient and persistent. Thoughts?  Other ways to contact?



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Re: Contacting Sanders Sound Systems
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 2015, 07:27 pm »
Sounds like you called a fax number.


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Re: Contacting Sanders Sound Systems
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 2015, 08:19 pm »
I just spoke with a gal on their listed number. No problem. Perhaps you misdialed??



Re: Contacting Sanders Sound Systems
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jul 2015, 08:57 pm »
Thank you gentlemen,

I was able to contact Roger by telephone.  I can't believe I copied down the number and made the same transposition twice. Once last week and again today.  Even checking the number did not immediately reveal the dyslexic moments.  :oops: 38388 became 33838 several times which only confirms what I have suspected for a long time. Wines only get better with age for so long and then ............

Roger could not explain why the multiple emails were not received.  I had the correct address and it had worked numerous times before.

Roger, as always, is very responsive and sets a standard for others to envy.