Tinnitus sufferers take note, LCS comments

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Tinnitus sufferers take note, LCS comments
« on: 5 Jul 2015, 06:04 pm »
Emphasis added in emails below.

LCS stands for Late Ceiling Splash, a new radiation pattern Duke and I invented which employs a special second full range "auxiliary" speaker system firing up toward the ceiling.  We describe it more thoroughly in other pages here. 

The top two clients below own Zephrin 46, which comprise both the main front firing speakers and LCS system in one unique Z-shaped box starting at $5400/pr MSRP, sold by Duke 20 minutes NE of Dallas, me 80 minutes NE of Salt Lake, Brian Walsh NW of Chicago, and Tony Chipelo in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. 

The first client "G" in his 50s owned more amps and speakers than a high end emporium outside one (if such exists) in New Century Global Center.  (Please ignore the fine detail that the "global center" is molten lava far from Chengdu, China.)  "G" once owned a European tube amp w/silver wired transformers, weight well over 100#, MSRP in the high $20k range.   

LCS allows users the choice to employ anywhere from one stereo amp to four separate amp channels.  "G" simultaneously employs two different tube amps: deHavilland homage to 1950's Fisher 50W mono blocs > main/front firing section + Electra-Fidelity's fantastic new for 2014 $3500 single EL34 > LCS section.  (I have new factory sealed irresistibly priced EL34 for sale, 30 days w/full refund minus shipping, piano black chassis/maroon bells.  This single-ended single EL34 employs exclusive circuit by Jack Elliano of Electra-Print Transformer fame, w/vanishingly low TID.  The amp makes 11W and plays like a 25W+ tube amp.)     

From: "G__" <_____@___.net>
To: "James Romeyn" <___]________@comcast.net>
Sent: Saturday, July 4, 2015 8:55:01 PM
Subject: System Update

Hi James,

I thought I'd check in with an update.  Hope all is well with you... I thought I'd try some tweaks.  First I applied a Mapleshade product called SilClear to all off my connections, including the speaker, interconnect and power cables. This opened things up significantly, added more detail while smoothing the sound out in a very organic way. Zero harshness but nothing is rolled off at all.

Next, I connected the Electra-Fidelity amp to the 2nd output jacks on my preamp, using this to drive the LCS section of the speakers. The results are spectacular. On balance, I now believe that this is the best system that I have heard. The best thing is that despite the fantastic amount of body and detail it is completely non-peaky, and therefore I can listen for hours without causing my tinnitus to flare up. I'm very grateful to both you and Duke for helping me put this together. I sent a photo of the current setup. If you're ever passing through let me know. I'd like to know if it sounds as good to you.

What are you working on in the lab these days?

Best regards,


Below, "P's" $6400/pr Z46 w/Beryllium CD replaced $10k/pr Merlin VSM.  "P" employs Spanish Ars-Sonum integrated, a modern homage to Dynaco's classic Stereo 70 tube amp.  Where "P" typed "conventional" below he means non-LCS radiation pattern.  "P's" room is dedicated 14 x 11 x 8 foot ceiling, proving LCS works in a small room.  (I have personally tested Z46 w/back side about 6" from the front wall, and it works fine.).  "P" plopped his new Z46 in the spot prior occupied by the Merlins, toed in extreme as we recommend, and has barely tweaked the siting since that time.   

From: "P" <__________@___.net>
To: "James Romeyn" <_______@comcast.net>
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2015 9:44:20 PM
Subject: Update

James, Just wanted to check bcackon how much I like the Zephrins. Don’t think I could ever go back to “conventional” loudspeakers again.

I have a question related to frequency response....



I'll later post comments from our dear client in beautiful Norway, who favorably compares his larger LCS system (separate 2008 Dream Maker original Vertical Offset Bipole + LCS) to his friend's $70k/pr Magico speakers.
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