Steve Guttenberg (CNET) reviews LIO...

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Steve Guttenberg (CNET) reviews LIO...
« on: 28 Jun 2015, 02:15 am »

This went live today  8):

Quote from: Steve Guttenberg
Pairing LIO with my KEF LS50s was a synergistic match, the little speakers projected a gigantic, deep and wide soundstage with Kronos' "Early Music" album. The string quartet's tone was brilliant, clear and sweet. These speakers always amaze me, but never more than this. LIO also clicked with my Zu Druid V speakers, the sound was refined and natural, with tremendous clarity.

Quote from: Steve Guttenberg
The LIO headphone amp's clarity is beyond anything I've heard at home. The imaging is so big I sometimes had to take the headphones off just to make sure the sound wasn't also coming from the speakers, it was not. The headphones just sounded more spacious with the LIO.

Many thanks to Steve "The Audiophiliac" for all his time and effort in reviewing LIO!  :notworthy: